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Hello, my name is Tammy Occhipinti and I am the owner of Transitions. I moved to Rome in 2004 from the Syracuse area, and I loved that Rome was beginning to acknowledge and grab hold of this alternative lifestyle! I created Transtions for all of you. I would love to have you come in and experience the tranquility & comfort you need as you "transition" through life. If you need a place that is Peaceful with a Quality Service, please come and visit us. We will be happy to meet you and make your time here unforgettable.

Tammy Occhipinti

I am a Reiki Master, and have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2002.
I travel & provide chair massage to different businesses here in Rome, and at home parties by request. I also have office hours by appointment at Transitions Studio. I hope to begin offering Reiki Attunement Classes in Winter of 2009/10. Please let me know if you are interested.

From a very young age, I watched people in my family suffer the debilitating effects of Cancer and the Treatments that caused them so much pain. I couldn’t stand it. Just watching them suffer, was not enough for me! I wanted to help them feel better as they went through all of this. I began reading many books on miracle cures and the power of touch.I went to many psychic fairs after their deaths, and I found “Reiki.” I also found a book on "acupressure" and I tried it out on my mother who suffered horrible migraines from time to time. It worked! There was something to this and I knew I had to go in this direction, but there were no schools offering it at the time. I knew I found my passion.

Years passed, and I watched schools begin to open, and when the timing was right, I signed up. I graduated, with honors, in 2002 from Onondaga School of Therapeutic Massage. In December of 2005, I took a leap of faith. I left my career of 13 years with the US Postal Service to work at massage full time.

I absolutely love the reward I receive knowing that I can help the public on so many levels. I thank ALL OF YOU, my clients, for allowing me to continue to provide the support you need as you go through the constant changes life brings you! I appreciate each and every one of you!

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Appointments are available Tuesday through Saturday 8am-7pm. (Some Mondays are available for special circumstances.)

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. Please call ahead for visits and appointments. Same-day appointments are available in rare instances.

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